Shipping & Returns


Orders are usually shipped by the next business day.

All orders are shipped via USPS First Class to all destinations.

Shipments in the US cost approx $1.98 per item, $3.30 to Canada, $8.88 to UK and the rest of the world up to six items and then postage free.


There are no returns or refunds on test kits or vitamin products.

A damanged or defective test kit will be replaced immediately.

Other products that are damaged or defective may be returned within 30 days for a replacement.

All orders are packaged to ensure no issues with customs.

If your order does not arrive for any reason we will reship your order free of charge

How Soon Will I Get My Order?
Orders in the US usually arrive within 3-4 working days. International orders usually arrive within 7-10 working days.

How Soon Will I Get My Test Results?
Your results will be ready within a few days after the lab receives your sample. Results are availabe on line, you will receive an e mail from the lab telling you how to access your results. You will also receive a copy of your results in the mail.